Tradition & innovation

History & Tradition

Doratex was born in 1961 and still maintains and preserves the key values ​​of Made in Italy. Follows the mission: create products of taste, design and quality.

Passion & knowledge

The strong passion and motivation are intertwined with the great knowledge of the raw material and the knitting techniques in all its possible nuances and expressions.

Creativity & Fantasy

Products that are continually renewed, loose bridle ideas that materialize in unique pieces, with a strong character and unmistakable design.

Research & Innovation

Experimentation and research continues, they are necessary to give shape to models and colors. Innovative ideas that are faithful to quality, to natural and precious materials, and never the same.


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Doratex is unique and exclusive for the great passion and great knitwear culture, increasingly difficult to find in Italy


The Research and Development sector has already been expanded, the considerable fleet of state-of-the-art technologies, combined with the experience of the stylistic and technical team, represent an indispensable added value for all knitwear masterpieces.


In this way Doratex faces the challenge of international markets. The absolute luxury of Andrea Fenzi finds its development in Doratex.


The premium line GIOFERRARI is designed, produced and distributed from the headquarters in Visano, in the province of Brescia.


Doratex is synonymous with excellence and Italian style, a tradition that is renewed over time.

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25010 Visano Brescia Italy


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    Masterpieces of Italian craftsmanship thanks to which international markets are dealt with in the medium to high range and luxury segments.

    Thanks to diversification, great attention to quality, research and design, using natural and precious fibers, craftsmanship, industrial and hand-made, the Doratex Group proceeds to consolidate and develop its role of excellence at international level, relying on a large production organization and a highly qualified distribution.