It was way back in 1960 , Italy experienced the vicissitudes of the post-war period and poverty loomed over the whole peninsula with the specter of hunger. Agriculture was the first and only occupation.

In fact, at that time the state imposed employment in relation to land owned or rented.

The owners and tenants of the land also lived in precarious and difficult conditions due to too many dependents in relation to the sustenance that came from it.

In Visano, a metalworking company had recently arrived, occupying some male staff and therefore in relation to the other neighboring countries, Visano lived a little better.

It is necessary to find work alternatives, in order to free agriculture from these heavy obligations, but above all to start employing women.

From this intuition and this need, my adventure as a small artisan of quality products began, with the commitment to make people work, especially females.

The sector was textile clothing, as it has remained until now, and the luck was to have my wife, Tononi Ester, with talent and experience in knitwear.


Even today, after about 60 years, the company designs, produces and distributes, clothing, knitwear and related products, which it exports all over the world.

At the beginning, as you can imagine, it was very difficult to work in and for Italy, still too poor, and unable to buy products beyond the bare minimum. With so much effort, we prepared a collection dedicated to the German market.


The Commendatore Mario Ferrari went personally to Germany, with so much courage and a lot of will, da pioniere.


The first trip did not give the desired results, but it created the premises and allowed to collect several references and useful addresses.


Within 3 years, DORATEX came to serve this market that was developing much faster than Italy, and within a few years we came to occupy more than 100 employees; about 90% of the staff was female.


Step by step the company had increasingly expanded, supporting a network of external laboratories and gradually over the decades we exported in sequence to: USA, Japan, Russia and the rest of Europe .


The strong investments in latest-generation technologies, the adaptation to taste and changes of costume, anticipating the times have spanned many decades: the creative 60s, the unionized 70s, the brilliant 80s, the changing 90s , the tumultuous first decade of the third millennium, to date. During the 25th anniversary, the company organized a great event, rewarding more than 90 collaborators with a gold medal for their loyalty and attachment to the 'company.


As far as Company strategies are concerned, the Ferrari / Tononi family has done everything and more to be part of the market: investments, upgrades in cutting-edge technologies and software, purchase of super-luxurious brands, consolidation of proprietary brands, search for constantly evolving markets, research for new materials and new production sources.


The rules on the environment and work have always been respected, in the international context Doratex has always been a Glocal company, paying attention to the local reality and to the international context.


Nothing has been lacking in the innovation, research and continuous experimentation of both the product and the work system, as well as adaptation to: custom, moment and socio-economic context.


Entire generations of local collaborators have actively contributed to the growth of Doratex.


Therefore, after about 60 years of intense work, the Family composed of Comm. Mario Ferrari, Mrs Ester Tononi and Dr Cesare Ferrari, with all the collaborators, feel at ease that they have done everything possible to give continuity to the company and therefore with conscience, ready to face new challenges.

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